Thank you for showing interest in Beggar's Choice

Beggar's Choice is, for the most part, a one man show. The game is a passion project, still in it's infancy, but with most of it's core systems in place.

I hope you'll give this short slice of the game a try - perhaps even report any bugs you might come across, give constructive criticism, or send words of encouragement.

Version 0.001 is around 74 megabytes. You'll spend 10-15 minutes completing the alpha-demo, which contains a condensed version of the overworld, as well as a couple of hidden rooms.

In order to recieve your free download of version 0.001 of Beggar's Choice, please fill out the form on this page, and you'll recieve an email with a download link.


Your emailaddress will no be stored in an archieve for later use. This distribution method makes a short game of spam and bots, and allow me to better track the number of downloads.